Fast Zine 02
Yukihito Kono

— Pages: 26 pages
— Size: 21×15 cm
— Printing: Digital
— Limited Edition: 50 copies
— Published in February 2014


01-27 DIC 2013


Fast Zine is a project to show the work of emerging photographers through special conditions, delimiting the shooting to images captured in a period of time not exceeding one month.

It’s an approach to a kind of instinctive and visceral photography in which time plays a fundamental role that is also present during the edition.

The aim is to explore creativity spontaneously, detaching perfectionism from it and offering a raw vision of the environment.


Book soundtrack

Blackmountain Books - Balam Acab

You can find it:

Sandwich Mixto (Madrid, Spain)
Ciudadano Grant (Madrid, Spain)
Vessel Room Project (Berlin, Germany)
Flotsam Books (Tokio, Japan)
Book of Days (Osaka, Japan)