Fast Zine 01
Hunter G. Moore

— Pages: 12 pages
— Size: 21×15 cm
— Printing: Digital
— Limited Edition: 50 copies
— Published in September 2013

01-25 JUL 2013


Fast Zine is a project to show the work of emerging photographers through special condi-tions, delimiting the shooting to images captured in a period of time not exceeding one month.

It’s an approach to a kind of instinctive and visceral photography in which time plays a fundamental role that is also present during the edition.

The aim is to explore creativity spontaneously, detaching perfectionism from it and offering a raw vision of the environment.


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You can find it in:

Sandwich Mixto (Madrid, Spain)
Ciudadano Grant (Madrid, Spain)
Good Press Gallery (Glasgow, Scotland)
Village (Leeds, United Kingdom)
Vessel Room Project (Berlin, Germany)
Book of Days (Osaka, Japan)

Blogs, libraries…
Zines of the Zone (Nantes, France)